Ravilious : Wood Engravings book by James Russell

Mainstone Press

Ravilious :  Wood Engravings book by James Russell
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Ravilious : Wood Engravings, by James Russell, and edited by Tim Mainstone. 

Although a brilliant watercolourist, and designer, Eric Ravilious (1903-1942) was above all a wood engraver. 

In this 80 page there a selection of illustrations that show the evolution of his remarkable talent. 

Author James Russell sets out to discover the places that inspired Ravilious, explore the remarkable books he illustrated and meet the people he portrayed. 

This book is both a collection of beautiful, surprising pictures and an entertaining portrait of a wonderful artist and his world 

Published by Mainstone Press

ISBN 97809576665599 / Hardback / 80 pages/ 24.6cm x 18.9cm

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